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Pregnancy Sleep : How to get as comfy at home as you are in your Prenatal Massage!

white pregnant women lays on her side to sleep

As a Prenatal Massage Therapist, I hear ALL THE TIME, that my clients wish they could recreate how comfortable and supported they feel on the massage table at home, and in this Pregnancy Sleep series, I'm showing you step by step how to recreate the comfortable & supportive position of a prenatal massage at home! (Filmed from the comfort of my guest room!)


Watch Part 1 below:


Watch Part 2 for the step-by-step demo:


Part 3 shows the complete set up, along with a side-sleeping recommendation:


Thanks for watching this step-by-step series on how to get as comfy at home for sleep as you are during your Prenatal Massage! Check out the link blog post for more tips on pregnancy sleep!

photo of Samantha Davis, LMT owner of Louisville Prenatal Massage


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