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Wellness Through Massage

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PRENATAL                 POSTPARTUM                 CHRONIC PAIN

At Gaia Massage, LLC, we help women achieve their wellness goals through the practice of massage therapy.

Meet Samantha

Samantha Davis, LMT, CNMT  (she/her)

Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapist

Kentucky License #271448

Hi, I'm Samantha, owner of Gaia Massage, LLC, and Licensed Massage Therapist. I have over 13 years of experience in massage therapy. I started Gaia Massage, LLC in 2022 with a vision to help women achieve their wellness goals through the practice of massage therapy. How do we do this? By specializing in prenatal and postpartum massage for the childbearing year, and neuromuscular massage for clients living with chronic pain.


Prenatal massage is far more than just relaxing! I use scientifically proven, safe, and effective techniques to relieve pain, create relaxation so the body can heal and grow, and help prepare for labor by ensuring ease of movement, strength of muscles, and creating a strong mind-body connection. This care continues into the postpartum year with specific techniques to help heal from childbirth, including possible scar tissue from Cesarean delivery. Caring for a new little one also comes with its own unique set of aches and pains, and lack of rest can exacerbate that. Massage during the postpartum year can help ease the sore muscles and get some much needed rest, so you can be your best self for your little one.


While more research needs to be done to tell us why there is such a disparity, women are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic pain conditions. Massage has been proven to help minimize the amount of pain these clients feel, and less pain means a better quality of life. Neuromuscular massage includes using specific but gentle deep tissue techniques to precisely target your pain. Over my professional career, I've seen many clients with chronic pain benefit and begin to heal from using this work.

"When you lift up women, you lift up humanity." - Melinda Gates

"Samantha has been giving me massages for over 10 years. Some of them on location and some of them in my own home. I have always felt very safe to discuss my needs in an open, professional atmosphere. I have degenerative disc disease and Samantha always left me feeling less pain. I managed to find the nirvana between light sleep and pain relief during our massages. A massage from Samantha will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud."

Dr. W


Services & Pricing

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Therapeutic Massage

Whether you need to relax and reduce stress, or focus on a particular area you're experiencing pain, your massage will be tailored to your wellness goals. Massage therapy has been proven to reduce the severity of pain experienced by chronic pain and migraine sufferers. Regular massage for preventive care can even help reduce the frequency of chronic pain flare ups and migraines.


Prenatal Massage

In the hands of a therapist with specialized training for prenatal massage, you can be assured that your massage will be safe, using effective, and scientifically proven techniques. Whether you need to relax and reduce stress, prepare for labor, or reduce the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, your session will be tailored to your specific needs and wellness goals.

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Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is safe and beneficial 24 hours after delivery when you book with a specialized therapist. The same high level of attention to safety and effectiveness will be used with techniques designed to help you heal after pregnancy and labor, including scar tissue from Cesarean delivery.

You can book this type of session in the office, or in your home!

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage has been proven to  help relieve pain experienced in people diagnosed with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. The gentle warming from the stones deeply relaxes the muscles and fascia layers, allowing for gentle and effective deep tissue massage.

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ENROLLING NOW: Infant Massage Classes & Bodywork for Baby

Click here to learn more about these new offerings to support bonding and attachment, and support the breastfeeding/chestfeeding infant.


Classes & Workshops

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Tame Your Tension Headache: Self Care Class For Women by Gaia Massage

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