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Ease Into Labor Naturally with Gentle Induction Massage

pregnant woman lays on her side while receiving bodywork to her hip

At Louisville Prenatal Massage, you can book a Gentle Induction Massage. This type of session includes specific Prenatal Massage techniques to relax the muscles and fascia around the jaw, neck, and back, promote balance in the pelvis, and bring the nervous system into "rest and digest". Acupressure and Reflexology points are also stimulated which are thought to promote blood flow to the uterus, and possibly stimulate contractions. Massage also decreases the stress hormone Cortisol, and increases the hormone Oxytocin, which is responsible for sustaining natural progression of labor (among many other amazing things!)

Gentle Induction Massage respects the wisdom and timing of the body of the birthing person, and the wisdom and timing of the development of the baby. The title "Gentle" reflects how we are approaching this treatment. We are not forcing anything to happen. We are treating the body with respect, and requesting and supporting natural and spontaneous labor.

Reasons to schedule a Gentle Induction Massage:

  • You're 38 weeks + and feeling anxious and/or ready

  • You're 37 weeks + and your provider is already talking about medical induction (we will discuss their reasoning, they may consider maternal age a reason to medically induce before 40 weeks, but that does not contraindicate any natural means of supporting spontaneous labor.)

  • You are concerned you may "risk-out" of your home birth or birthing center and want to avoid going to the hospital just because of being 41 weeks +

  • Your provider has given you a timeline for how long they are willing to wait for spontaneous natural labor.


How quickly will this take effect?

There is no magic eject button. (If there were, I'd be a very rich woman!) But generally, within 24 hours of your massage. There are aftercare tips we will go over to help continue to enhance what started in the massage session!


What if it doesn't work?

There is no guarantee, of course. Birth is unpredictable. If your body does not spontaneously go into labor within 24 hours of your session, you will still have the benefits of:

  • Oxytocin boost & stress reduction

  • a more balanced pelvis

  • a more relaxed and balanced muscular system

I know it might be disappointing, but you're still supporting your birth goals with these benefits, and we might have time to schedule another session, sometimes it takes more than one, and I'm here to support you.


Discover the calming benefits of Gentle Induction Massage at Louisville Prenatal Massage. Relax, balance, and prepare your body naturally for childbirth. Whether you're approaching your due date or seeking to support spontaneous labor, our sessions cater to your needs. Book your session today and nurture your journey towards a relaxed and empowered birth!


Photo of Samantha Davis, LMT owner of Louisville Prenatal Massage


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