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Gaia Massage in July: Self Care Summer, my Summer Reading as a Prenatal Massage Therapist, & More!

Red white and blue background with text: "July Updates: Gaia Massage in July"

In this month's updates, Self Care Summer continues with a collaboration with a local photographer, Self Care Summer Bingo, Gaia Massage's summer reading, how Gaia Massage is participating in Massage for Everybody Week, and of course, a special provider spotlight with Mamas In Motion PT, including their most common FAQs!


Self Care Summer Continues!

Gaia Massage has some fun planned for this summer, and we're calling it "Self Care Summer!" Prioritize your self care this summer, it will make all the other fun things you're doing even more enjoyable if you're taking care of yourself!

Yellow and pink image with flamingo pool float advertising Instagram live series by Burnout Not Photographers featuring Gaia Massage.

I'll be partnering with Johanna of Balance Not Burnout Photographers. Johanna is a burnout coach for photographers, and also owner of Frames and Letters Photography.

She reached out to me to provide some self care tips to prevent and treat signs of repetitive strain and pain common with the physical demands of being a photographer.

Check out our Instagram Live on July 15th at 1pm!

Self Care Summer Bingo card.

Self Care Summer Bingo continues through the end of this month!

Completed cards will count as one entry towards a GIVEAWAY of a free focus session!

Learn more about this fun giveaway at the June Updates blog post.


Gaia Massage's Summer Reading

Rainbow background with photo of book "supporting queer birth" by AJ Silver. Photo of Samantha Davis, LMT owner of Gaia Massage, link to Prenatal Massage Therapist's review of Supporting Queer Birth.

In June, I read and reviewed AJ Silver's book, Supporting Queer Birth. You can read my review in my blog post!

Photo of two books on a bookshelf with a potted plant in the background. Gaia Massage logo in corner. Text Reads: "july reading list What god is honored here? by Shannon Gibnet and Kao Kalia Yang and Holding Space by Amy Wright Green.

I'll admit, these aren't the typical summer reading beach reads, these are important preparation and recommended reading for a course I'm registered to take in August called "Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss." It's a course designed for all professionals working with the pregnant and postpartum populations. I'm taking it to provide the best and most competent care I can for my prenatal massage clients who may have recently experienced pregnancy loss, or who are pregnant after experiencing a loss. Continuing education is something I pride myself in, and is a way I can continue to provide the highest standard of care for my clients.


July Referral Partner Spotlight

Dr. Rachelle Sweeney PT, DPT & Dr. Christy Carosello PT, DPT

of Mamas In Motion PT

Photos of Dr. Christy Carosello PT, DPT and Dr. Rachelle Sweeney PT, DPT. Owners of Mamas in Motion.

Both Dr. Christy Carosello and Dr. Rachelle Sweeney are Physical Therapists who specialize in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Their private practice delivers the highest standard of one on one care to help women live pain free lives.

Mamas in Motion PT logo

Why I recommend Mamas In Motion: Do you really need a Physical Therapist AND a Massage Therapist? Yep, sometimes! The type of specialized massage therapy treatment you experience from Gaia Massage is targeted to promote healing and quiet the nervous system. Often, I will recommend that my clients seek out care from Physical Therapist. Physical Therapists are highly skilled and trained to help strengthen and heal muscle tissue. I will refer my clients to PT to help healing occur more quickly, and to address symptoms that are outside my scope of practice as a Massage Therapist. Conditions such as pelvic pain and diastasis recti are always referred to Physical Therapists. PT & Massage simultaneously, are a powerhouse of healing and pain relief, and adding Mamas in Motion PT can provide a boost in healing and pain relief to your Prenatal Massage or Postpartum Massage therapy.

Mamas In Motion PT utilizes a one on one client structure, meaning you will never be booked at the same time as another patient. Your care is your provider's only focus during your appointment. They also provide convenient scheduling in-home or virtual sessions, after a free discovery call. The providers at Mamas In Motion utilize techniques including the creation of individualized home exercise programs, manual therapy, massage, cupping, and soft tissue mobilization.

graphic of Q & A bubbles

A Conversation with Mamas In Motion PT

Flower from Mamas in Motion PT logo.

Is there anything new that you're excited about in your business?

"One special thing we have going on is that we will begin offering dry needling in September so we were going to feature that beginning in late July/August to build some interest. We are incorporating this tool to help both acute and chronic pain paired with appropriate movement to fully address our client’s needs."

What are three of your most Frequently Asked Questions?

Graphic asking "When can I start Postpartum?"

Answer from Mamas in Motion: "We would not perform an internal examination until after your 6 week follow up with your provider, however there are many other areas we can address prior to the 6 week mark. We can instruct you in breathing and gentle mobility to be performed 2-3 weeks after giving birth and progress along your postpartum journey. We can also address potentially painful areas (hip, back, neck) that are often related to child care and feeding in the fourth trimester."

graphic asking "Should I still see a pelvic floor PT even if I’m not having incontinence?"

Answer from Mamas in Motion: "Absolutely! Pelvic floor PT addresses much more than urinary incontinence, we can address pelvic pain with intercourse, hip and back pain, labor and birth preparation, safe return to activity postpartum, assessment of diastasis rectus abdominis, and much more!"

graphic asking "What are the benefits of pelvic floor PT during pregnancy?"

Answer from Mamas in Motion: "Pelvic floor PT can address pain associated with pregnancy, safe exercise and activity modification throughout each trimester, labor and birth preparation (pelvic floor stretching, pelvic floor and abdominal coordination, breathing and positions to be used during each stage of labor)."

Graphic with link. Text reads Click here to learn more about Mamas in Motion PT.

Graphic with link. Text reads Click here to schedule a discovery call with Mamas in Motion PT.


How I'm celebrating

Massage For EveryBODY Week

Image of person receiving massage from hands of a massage therapist. Head of client and hands of massage therapist are seen. Text reads: massage is for every body week july 16-22,2023.

Every year, ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals) celebrates Massage For EveryBODY Week. This year, I'll be celebrating this annual event with a post every day on the Gaia Massage Instagram and Facebook pages celebrating the history of massage therapy, and sharing why I love being a Licensed Massage Therapist!


About the author: image of Samantha Davis, LMT, owner of Gaia Massage. Samantha Davis, LMT, CNMT Prenatal Massage Therapist KY license 271448

Hi, I'm Samantha, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Gaia Massage, LLC. I'm here to empower women and pregnant people to help them feel better through massage therapy techniques specialized for pregnancy, and through sharing knowledge, tips, & tricks for self care!

Want to schedule massage? Click the button to schedule online, or contact me directly to request an in-home session!


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