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Supporting Queer Birth by AJ Silver : A Book Review by a Prenatal Massage Therapist

Photo of Supporting Queer Birth by AJ Silver on a wood table.

As a Prenatal Massage Therapist, creating a safe space for all women and pregnant people is a fundamental value of my business. I'm continuing to learn, listen, and educate myself to be the best ally and provider I can be to those clients who may need and want Prenatal Massage who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Part of the work of allyship is actively listening to queer voices. Believing their experiences. Just as important, is educating ourselves in an ethical way. On page 104, author AJ Silver states, "It should never be the place of LGBT+ people to explain all of this to people, to anyone, while we are in such a vulnerable place in our lives." It is our responsibility as professionals serving the LGBTQ+ population of birthing people, to educate ourselves BEFORE they come into our practices. Doing so fosters trust and openness in the professional-client relationship dynamic.

"Asking the hard questions before an LGBT+ person must is an act of allyship." p. 153, Supporting Queer Birth by AJ Silver

While Supporting Queer Birth is mostly written about the experiences of those living in the UK under NHS care, many of the stories of those interviewed reflect the same or similar experiences of queer people growing families in the US, especially in more conservative states such as Kentucky.

If you are a professional providing care to the LGBTQ+ community, this book is a must read. It provides an important window into the experiences of healthcare professionals and birthing people that may not be ethically accessible in our practices. It is both educational and informational, and if you are already using inclusive, additive language with your clients & patients, you will be motivated by this book as you continue to show up as an ally for the queer birthing community.

Personally, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as an ally, the content of this book may not have changed the language I use with my clients on intake forms, or to ask them the questions relevant to their prenatal massage. However, since finishing Supporting Queer Birth, I feel more confident in my communications to my clients. I know that shines through, and hopefully it contributes to their trust in me as their Prenatal Massage Therapist. This trust that they are affirmed leads to a more effective prenatal massage. One where my pregnant client's mind can unwind and feel safe, allowing the downregulation of their nervous system, leading to a decrease in muscle pain.

Cover of Supporting Queer Birth by AJ Silver

When I found AJ Silver's instagram account, @thequeerbirthclub, I knew I needed to read their book, "Supporting Queer Birth." Supporting Queer Birth is an important snapshot into the lives and stories of queer birthing people and queer parents. I hope you'll read it


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. I purchased my copy of this book to educate and grow as a professional and ally, and all opinions are my own.

Learn more about author AJ Silver at their website.

Infographic on Supporting Queer Birth review by Samantha Davis, LMT Prenatal Massage Therapist.

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Check out the details on the book spine! This book lets you know my practice is inclusive even on my bookshelf! ------->

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