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Daylight Savings Time : A Prenatal Massage Therapist's Tips To Feel Better This Week!

Oh Daylight Savings Time, what a pain in our spring! Did you know it can take up to 5-7 days to adjust to this shift in our schedules? Our circadian rhythms are progammed to follow the rhythms of the sun every day, not the social construct of time! In our modern world though, we all live by the clock, so what can you do to feel better while your body adjusts?

First know some of the following health risks associated with Daylight Savings Time:

Infographic: Text reads: DST is associated with the following health risks: Cardiovascular disease, with a 24% higher risk of heart attacks  Injuries, including a 6% spike in fatal car accidents. Depression Weight fluctuation Flare ups of chronic pain, cluster headaches and migraines.

Then, add some or all of the following top tips into your routine this week to feel just a little bit better while you adjust!

Infographic: Text reads: Tips to feel better this week: Expose yourself to sunlight when you wake up. Get moving with intention - yoga or a walk. Be patient with yourself. Practice good sleep hygiene with a calming routine before bed. Drink plenty of water. Book a restorative hour of massage.


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