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6 Things You Should Never Apologize for During Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy

Text Graphic Reads: "Things My Clients Never Need To Apologize For."

All of these are things that clients have routinely apologized for throughout my 14 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist - and I want you to know, you never need to apologize for being human. And having a body.

1 . Body Hair

I'm not focused on your (very normal) body hair. Believe me, I wouldn’t notice, I promise!  whether you choose to shave or not should be based on a million other reasons, not whether you have a massage appointment.

2 . Your Feet

i will not notice your pedicure, or your nail polish. i want to prioritize your feet in your session, if you find it relaxing and/or beneficial! Your feet work really hard, they deserve some attention to relieve stress, pain, and even address swelling during pregnancy.

3 . Being Too Hot/Sweaty/Cold

I want to help you get the most from your session. helping you regulate your body temperature is an essential part of that, Because if you’re focused on being too hot/sweaty/cold during your session, you’re not comfortable and relaxed. Trust me, the hormone fluctuations during pregnancy, postpartum, and perimenopause mean you might want the table warmer on one minute, and need a fan on in the next. I’ve got you!

4 . Wanting or Needing More/Less Pressure

Your massage is tailored to you! I want to know if the pressure makes you want to pull away or hold your breath (that means it’s too much pressure, too quickly), or conversely, if it just feels like I’m applying oil to the skin and you need more pressure. You won’t disrupt my flow by asking for what you need. Massage is collaborative care!

5 . Having an Emotional Release

Massage therapy addresses tension in the body. Sometimes, we hold tension in our bodies from prior highly emotional experiences. This release of physical tension can sometimes bring emotions to the surface. It’s normal, and can be healing to cry when this happens. I'm here to hold space for you, and I’ll ask you if you want to take a break.

6 . Having A Little Leak

The hormones (Oxytocin) released during the nurturing touch of a therapeutic massage are the same ones responsible for releasing breastmilk. It’s no big deal, It happens sometimes, and it’s normal If you leak a little during your prenatal or postpartum massage session. it’s nothing that won’t clean up!

In short, my clients never need to apologize for being human, and having a body.


Photo of Samantha Davis, LMT (she/her), owner of Louisville Prenatal Massage


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