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It's Our Anniversary! Celebrating Gaia Massage's First Year!

image is Samantha Davis, LMT standing outside, large tree and multicolored fall foliage can be seen behind. Graphic reads: Celebrating 1 year. Gaia Massage logo in bottom right corner.

November is Gaia Massage's anniversary month! This month, I'm reflecting on my first year in business, celebrating building my dream practice centering womens' health and the health of pregnant and postpartum people, and now supporting the health of the dyad with infant massage! I've loved building this practice, partnering with my clients to help them achieve their wellness goals, collaborating with other women owned businesses, and watching my dream practice grow from zero clients to celebrating my first fully booked week this week!

Thank you to all of my beautiful clients who have trusted me to be a part of their care during and after pregnancy, or on their path to a more balanced life with chronic pain. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by you all.

As we enter into our second year in business, I'm reflecting on what the biggest successes were in the first year, and expanding them.

Success #1: Continuing Education

I'm continuing my education towards the end goal of providing the highest standard of care possible for infants who are struggling to feed because of tongue, lip, and cheek ties.

Success #2: Referral Partnerships

I'm also continuing to grow and strengthen my referral partner relationships with other small business owners serving women, pregnant people, and infants.

Success #3: Giving Back

I will also continue to give back to my community in meaningful ways. I'm running another period products drive benefiting the Center for Women and Families to celebrate this anniversary milestone! I'm also creating a pathway to provide some free Infant Massage Classes in the community once I'm certified.


Photo: Samantha Davis, LMT, CNMT author and Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapist KY LMT 271448

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